• Chapter 4- DUI

    For years my mom drank and then got behind the wheel. I didn't find this information out until I found her journals and read that she documented each time she did it. In the year 2010 she crashed her 2002 beige two door Chevy Cavalier into the back of the USPS mail truck around 11 am in the morning. She had been drinking all night and all morning. When the authorities came they tested my mom to see if she had been drinking. It turned out her blood alcohol level was .425. If you know anything about blood alcohol levels, on a BAC chart that equals death/coma.

    She ended up getting a DUI, losing her license and having to take psychotherapy classes. Along with paying for tickets, fees and classes she was now a convicted felon.

    "I am ashamed of my DUI and crash. I knew better. I know better now. I knew I had been drinking too much and was very tired."

    "I knew I was wrong every time I drove buzzed or drunk- I just got so used to it and not having any incidents to deter me, although there were some close calls."

    I am thankful everyday that my mom did not seriously hurt someone during her accident or any of her "close calls.". After reading her journals and finding out she drove drunk on so many occasions and was very aware she was doing so was heartbreaking to me. It never stopped her from driving even though she knew she shouldn't have. Probably because she never got caught, she thought she could get away with it time and time again. I am happy it wasn't a serious accident she caused that took her off the road finally. Driving drunk is a serious offense. You could potentially hurt yourself and others. Even more serious you could kill innocent people or even yourself in the act.